Zoz Files – excerpts from Panopolis(2)

Looking out from the Nicaraguan coast Zozimos sees a leatherback sea turtle hide it’s eggs.  The locals told him that they can get to be 9 feet long head to toe and up to 2000 lbs.  Apparently the eggs take 45 days to hatch, 90% of the children die during their exploration into the deep seas.  When they finally return it has been 15 years and they manage to find the exact place where they were born, despite the fact that their travels can take them on 20,000 mile long journeys. 

The two statistics that caught Zozimos’ attention was the ones that did not vary, that the eggs take exactly 45 days to hatch and that it takes them exactly 15 years to return home.  Both numbers are multiples of 5. 

On the balcony of the luxurious restaurant looking over the Chococente beach Zozimos partakes in some aguardiente to sooth his full belly.  He just finished the delicacy that is the leatherback sea turtles’ eggs. 

Again he contemplates: why the number 5?

One nest of eggs costs a third of an average monthly income.  Returning the glass of aguardiente back to the table, with his fingers he curiously shuffles through the remains of his meal -a meal made from a beast that has survived 110 million years and is now on the ‘critically endangered’ list of species.

What is in the number 5?

As he continues to move his fingers about the scraps of his meal, he notices that the number 5 also pervades his own existence.   5 appendages from the torso, 5 appendages from each limb, 5 openings in the face, 5 major organ systems according to Chinese medicine, and most pervasive: his 5 very own and unique senses.

– Ch. 2,  verse LV



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