So finally I am recording Zozimos. Even though my aspirations for this group are unlimited, time and money are, so I’ve decided to focus this group as a Quintet with guests that have been apart of Zozimos. The quintet is: Justin Wood, Danny Fischer, David Smith and Sebastian Noelle. The guests so far are: Alex Terrier, Andy Hunter, Amanda Brasher, Curtis Stewart and Isaac Darche. This is a very exciting project for me. To make sure the group will be peaking for the recording we’ve managed to line up 3 concerts between now and the recording. The first one is tomorrow (Feb 2nd) 11:45 at Goodbye Blue Monday, the second one is at the Shrine, opening up for the Shrine Big Band on Super Bowl Sunday at 8pm and the last one before our weekend of recording is at a venue that is a personal favorite of mine, La Terraza Cafe (7 Train Bar), Feb 9th, opening up for Alejandro Florez’s Quartet, which I am also playing in with Daniel Blake and Yayo Serka. That show will start at 8pm and each group will play a set. Please come out and show some support. All of the shows are free.


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