a necessary evil goes rogue

i believe the idea of a republican cynic is a necessary evil to keep government from creating overreaching inefficient bureaucracies, but with the current issues at stake and the extent of the cynicism, the idea of a republican cynic has become a powerful cancer that can’t find it own purpose, a robot that has gone rogue. they are great at doubting government and finding legislation that will silence the voice of the people so that the large corporations can maneuver with their lobbyists around government to create their ivory castles, but they are now in harms way with themselves, killing off their own relatives for the sake of greed. through the idea of the republican cynic, ivory castles will and do exists as the world is torn down around them. unfortunately, they are signing their own dismal fate and taking everyone else down with them. the purpose of our government is suppose to be for and by the people, not only those with money. in the last couple of decades, republicans have taught us to doubt government to the extent of destroying our own means for improving our standards of living. at this point we are arguing with the cancer of republican cynics to find ways to improving the state of our health care system. this shouldn’t be an argument, it should be a discussion that will benefit both sides. a republican is not a republican anymore, in the sense of helping to create a better government, it is part of a machine that will destroy the middle class and the poor, giving freedom and liberty to only those with money.

listen to our president speak. a great and intelligent man! /04/03/pol… #cnn


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