Planet Eono

Sound renderings and miscellaneous artifacts from Planet Eono

Theta Scale Transposer

This is the first interactive web app for Theta Scales that allow you to transpose notes and clusters of notes (scales, and chords) through a portion of the 4-D Theta harmonic map (the Eonic Clock). Coding done by Ganesh Rao.

E•o•nic Clock


1. A 4-d sound map to the psychobiological energy nodes of a Keeper (sound)
2. An array of unique geographical markers particular to a Keeper's habitat. (location)
3. A device capable of accurately keeping track of time on Eono (time)

“…from the tales [of Ourobius, Eono, Uzmic Ro’Samg] one could extrapolate applications of those strange harmonies therein found [on Eono] to some of the classical styles of Old Earth.”

– Captain Ferret K’ai, First Officer on the Narwhal One