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Album Notes for Return from Panapolis(draft#1)

Jung, Zozimos, Alchemy and Music

Dr. Carl G. Jung, with his creative and artistic approach to psychology unhinged some cog in my subconscious that led me to the name Zozimos. Apparently Jung was an avid reader and fan of the ancient art of alchemy, what has been now dichotomized into mysticism and chemistry. Zozimos was the first known Alchemist. He was from a place called Panapolis, what is now Akhmim, Egypt. It was said this place once had a reputation as being home to the greatest magicians…

Although Alchemy, an almost chaotic and artistic application of magic, math, astrology, and crude chemistry has been distilled from it’s metaphysics into what is now chemistry, music continues the dialogue between it’s own magic and math. As many theories as I claim to unearth in my music research, maximizing the potential of a piece of music, finding that aural tincture, necessitates an element of the unknown that was once a component in medieval chemistry. Luckily in music, putting the wrong equations with the wrong mantras never results in a gaseous poison or fatal explosion…

This album uses math and equations from my harmonic theory Micro-Functional Tonality, isorhythms, spontaneous improvisations, energy from the performers (Zozimos), break beats, episodic forms, rock, a couple pedals and…something… undefined. All of this is thrown together in a pot and you have “Return from Panapolis.” I’m not sure what genre of music it sits in, but I assure you it stands currently as one version of my musical philosopher’s stone.